Enough About Me


I am a relatively useful father and husband who relies on connections with others to make my living. This has been my main vocation for 25 years, although I made ends meet at an earlier time employed as a line cook in several restaurants in the 48th District of New York State. I believe the demands of the professional kitchen trained me to become the successful homemaker I am today.

As a young father recently graduated from college I read to my daughter the The Bunny Book by Patsy and Richard Scarry, and I believe, subconsciously, acquired a philosophy for living the good life.


In it the authors espouse, probably for the first time ever in written history,  the virtue of fatherhood as a vocation.

As stay at home Dad, I nurtured hobbies such as painting and self-liberation writing, with hopes that either would stimulate an income at a future point, in order to free my wife from the repetitive grind of nine to five.

They have not.

And my oldest daughter is a junior in high school and ready to establish her own life philosophy. So I’ll need something to do.

Why not run for State Senate?