A Stance on an Issue to Contemplate and Saturday Visit to Exotic Places


“I Saw the Chicken Man at the Arsenal Street Dennys®” Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 24″

145 miles and three towns visited in the 48th District on Saturday. I’m sure it feels very good to get out and meet people; I just haven’t done so yet. Politics should not be thrust in the face of pedestrians and residents living their lives very well I hope without having to find out more about me. Hence, my alternative campaign, and the less people to be needled, the better.

Long live the Internet, and the face I can make up on it without anything hanging out of my nose. I am a painter and somewhat of a writer, but not an orator. Does that mean I can write up a senate bill, or shout out a “yay” or “nay” from my cushy seat in the legislature?

It sure does. I am as capable as any dairy farmer, private attorney, or town clerk. I also give artist talks from time to time, and over the years, have come to like them, somewhat.

And, I ham it up on videos (see one below).

I promised a stance on an issue.

I will vote “yes” on any legislation that brings New York State closer to a single payer, Medicare type system, for everyone.


Well, it won’t be easy getting the permission to take what is already offered by the feds—medicare and medicaid money—and apply that to a single payer system in New York. Washington D.C. is stingy. Supposedly, a waiver is needed. If I was a philosopher king of New York, I’d centrally locate that waiver on a D.C. derriére, and divert funds from NY’s budget to cover all the vulnerable as soon as possible. Or, being King, I’d take the billionaire’s money after 500 million. Graciously, I’d leave them this to play pretend fun on yachts and acquire more bad taste. Health care, short and long term, is a life and death necessity for a whole population. We have waited too long.

I don’t think I’ll be made King of New York in this dimension, so as senator, I would advocate and vote for a government run health care system for all citizens.

There. Now please join me on a brief Saturday trip around a piece of the 48 District.