And Flint?


Politically, We Are All Small Children of Flint 2017. Acrylic on wood panel, 12 x 16″

[I wrote this back in January to show how weak and ineffectual the power of congresses (both U.S. and State) are when it comes to providing safe drinking water to our countrymen. The small city of Oswego has lead in its school’s water. And the present congressmen, likewise our district assemblyman and senator, will do nothing about it. Not even talk about why this is a bad thing.]

Here is my marker for citizen non-compliance:

A glass of water and a hot shower in Flint, Michigan.

Any takers? And I don’t mean just one sip of one glass of water, like our outgoing President took a couple springs back. I’m talkin’ a USDA 8 cups a day, day after day guzzle, and a few hot caustic showers a week to prove that, yes, our government has ample power to make municipal plumbing improvements in Flint.

Because I realize that, in Flint, neither of those life and hygiene necessities are good for my organs, I see that the United States and its state of Michigan are derelict. When governments are consistently derelict in duties to the people, they are unreliable, and unreliable in many cases equates to weak. Therefore, in reality, the superpowers seated in Washington and Lansing are rather ineffective and lame. I don’t know about you, but I tolerate them like little faraway cousins at a family reunion. They’re a pain in the arse when bouncing around me, but not of much importance in my every day life. In fact, not important at all.

And yet, the truly great American activist Michael Moore (and I mean this with high respect) is busying himself these days trying his darnedest to oust a President-elect with twitter, or making movies for profit, or whatever the hell he does with all that freakin’ money besides release it and revolt! He keeps using the old rusty master’s tools long after  Boeing raided the golden work shed to make slick homicide bombs for slimy old prostates to play “drop on a family” with. Michael, with all his people power and righteous influence, would better serve America if he planted his organization right down in central Flint, made daily broadcasts from there, practically non-stop, like a Jerry Lewis Telethon, until some of that delicious mafia arms dealing money is turned over to the people of that desperate city, at least so much so that by next Christmas kids can drink a god damn glass of water and remember how to multiply at the same time.

Weak and ineffective government.

I read yesterday that Obama’s progressive legacy among sending his kids to private school, keeping the Guantanamo Bay torture complex open 24-7, and deporting 2.5 million immigrants back to from where they came, also included an average of three bombs dropped every hour for eight years on tan and tanner people in other parts of the world who Americans never care about until they’re told to “care” about them. Which means, bomb them. Not to mention the BP oil disaster—oops! Just a little leak. 11 people dead. Billions of Gulf of Mexico things dead… What an unfortunate accident, and not one executive put on trial. But such a nasty fine! And this morning’s stock futures look to be on the rise…

Go Tar Sands!

Ineffective government.

I actually believe Trump’s inauguration will usher in some positive, progressive accomplishment—all these angry pretend liberals will roll over the pretend conservatives with an unmitigated onslaught of tweets releasing a massive silent war wave of he-said, she-saids. And by this time next year there will be just 800 homicides in Chicago. Not too bad. Actually, pretty darn good for Twitter, or MSNBC, or FOXTV, or where ever you plan to be Michael Moore, instead of in Flint, where real suffering is happening right now. All you’re doing today is riling up comfortable jackasses like me to be angry at something none of us has been able to change since money was invented. This finger-pointing game has made you quite a wealthy man. Stop reaching everywhere. Pick a battle and remain until the fat lady gets offed by some real nifty Boeing-designed and created metallic drone spray.

I wish my friends and Michael Moore would get over this football game called Presidential politics. I wish they could judge our government how our government and its people judged the fascists of Italy and Germany during the late Depression just prior to World War II. I truly wish they could understand how just one, small by comparison, WMD invention of our industrial war designers gets displayed before the people on the wrong side of its manufacture. Just a little imagination please…

Americans are just so damn arrogant, blind, and numb-dumb. If you don’t like what you get for what you give, stop giving. Divorce these crooks in Washington. You will never-ever vote them out. Nazi Germany when victorious, had a lot of Germans eating good German bread and drinking good German beer. Americans see no correlation because the atomic bomb was invented, and then the military industrial complex got excited. The MIC meant to the people of the world outside of the U.S. that, had no atomic weapons been created, and these U.S. governments still carried on in the cutting up and control of masses of peoples all over the globe year after year, then arrogant America would have been overrun a long time ago, invaded and conquered, before the Beatles even, and the rest of the British invasion. Proliferation of military might is the only reason we are still an intact nation. If Nazis had 2000 nuclear weapons for 70 years after World War II, then Volkswagen would be top automaker even if it admitted to all and sundry that its cars were made out of Swiss cheese. Swiss people cheese.

My God, these jokers created a department with the word “Homeland” in it, and not one of us, even the most astute, jumped a little recognition jump of “Holy shit, they’re insane!”

That is impressive control! And from a weak and ineffective government.

Wake up Michael Moore. Help create a true resistance at a real place and time. Lay your money down, and go back to Flint. Let’s turn this broken sewer government into capable Hoover Dam plumbers once again.