I Ran for Congress. Now I Run for New York State Senate.


[This will be pinned to the top of the page for a month as explanation to the constituency.]

I have officially ended my campaign for Congress. The two party system is so enormously dysfunctional, that I could only do greater damage to the lessor of two evils. Dana Balter (D) will try her best to defeat John Katko (R) in the 24th District. Like me, she will refuse corporate bribes (donations). This is a good thing. Unlike me, she will accept individual donations. (I’ll explain in another post how I firmly believe money should never enter a campaign for public office. Never ever.) So, the Democratic Party will counsel her on how to lean more moderate in order to defeat in election a radically right wing Republican (Katko). I believe this strategy will backfire in 2018.

I do not want to help her chances to lose.

Today, March 1st, 2018, I, Ron Throop, do hereby end my campaign for United States Congress, and begin my effort to unseat Senator Patty Ritchie in the 48th District of New York State.

I can find no candidate opposing her in the November election.

This is unacceptable in the United States. So I will take up the torch and perform this service for my state and local countrymen, free of charge. You want to buy me a cup of coffee and discuss the issues? Fine. But the next time it’s my turn. Just no donations, please. My wife and I can support this run. I’ve got eyes, ears, fingers to write, mouth to speak, legs to walk, and a driver’s license. If you want a progressive thinker and doer beholden to no party, who respects point-of-views of people represented, and not just party talking points, then your vote will not be wasted on me.

I urge you to visit my homepage to see what I can offer and how it will be done.

Thank you Oswego, Fulton, West Massena, Ogdensburg, Altmar, Parish, Watertown, Carthage, Gouverneur, Canton, Alexandria Bay, Pulaski, Adams, Fort Drum, Mexico, and all the many towns, villages and hamlets of the 48th. Let us end party politics in the Internet age. Let’s vote for men and women of integrity!