Hey Fingerlakes, My Congressman Deals Mostly With the Serpent of Sickness and Death. How ’Bout Yours?


2017. Acrylic on canvas, 48 x 36″

I wish that my colleague, John Katko, had some water scientist friends. Heck, even a high school chemistry or biology teacher with a conscience would do, especially if John didn’t ignore results of their research like he does the panicked outcries of the constituency. I wish the greed sniffers in the board room at National Public Radio would cease propagandizing their neighbors in the condo/McMansion suburbs of D.C. I wish men and women of today were more like the people of never before. One would think with access to so much (too much) free time, humans would crave the simpler joys of carrying water, gathering sticks for the fire, without the fear of modern renditions of cholera outbreaks, which is literally “cancer in the flesh” brought to you by the United States Supreme Court and human-hating representatives in Congress. Sure, we have the technology to be deliriously happy, but why bother? Corporations are people, and according to Katko and other pretend capitalist’s logic, those people all share the god-given right to screw over their neighbors to reach the top—which is actually the muddy bottom to any saner culture’s eye (for example, take a drive down Bridge Street in Oswego, NY to see the grand success of the pretend capitalists). Screw them over good and proper, Katko and Co., as long as the bribe gets to the office in time for distribution to the propaganda machine.

Oh well. It’s a nice painting, and hanging at the Oswego Public Library. Check it out and vote for me because I am honest and good enough.

And I don’t want to turn your water supply into scientist’s pet projects for half-life testings.