When a Man is a Hypocrite, Bribes Are Easy Breathing


Without the Presence of a Justice Gene, Public Radio Will Have a Strong Corporate Bias 2015. Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36″

John Katko is a hypocrite. Remember way back when that word was tippy-top on the “Insult to Dignity Scale”?

Of course not. You’d have to be 173 years old to recall those days when character was measurable. And then you would take offense if it was openly questioned, suggesting a duel if you were a gentleman, or come running at the accuser waving a nail stick if you were not.

Here is one proof of back door hypocrisy I found on the Internet in under a minute. I wish the corporate fourth estate could save the world one nefarious government policy at a time, by nail sticking their right wing board rooms. It’s not hard to research and publish politician hypocrisy, unless the boss editors themselves are careerist hypocrites, more afraid of losing corporate favor than the public trust.

Anyway, the first example is a recent group letter sent by some senators and congresspeople to the Secretary of the Interior requesting that New York State be exempt from our insane President’s idea to allow oil drilling off Long Island shore. Here John Katko (NY-24) appears to respect the people’s right not to have human-made environmental disaster wash up on their shores.

The second is a “no” vote on a bill that “would close loopholes in the Clean Air Act that allow the oil and gas industry to release dangerous amounts of air pollution”.

Which is it John? Bad fossil fuel or good fossil fuel? Bad for the greasy oil magnates to pollute Long Island shore. Good to allow airborne fracking chemicals the freedom to get sucked in by our lungs. The latter a strange vote to be cast by a representative from a state that at present has a ban on hydrofracking. In the past, John has made clear his love and admiration for fracking gas out of any backyards his campaign bribers deem frackable. Why else would he vote “no” to keeping the air as clean as possible? He must be from Hell.

Methinks Katko and his nefarious “End of Days” fracking bosses are betting on a Marcellus Shale gold mine that could happen any election cycle now. Just a few more well-distributed bribes. He’s got $33,000 donated from these pissants so far, and climbing.

John is a hypocrite and cancer enabler.

What? You want my take on an election issue public radio, TV and publications? But wait a second. I was told last week by your radio people that I am not viable. I have no money you say, or professional campaign quarters, paid for campaign manager, volunteer cronies, whipgozzles and zambingers! Well, we can’t all not be hypocrites. So I’ll give you my thoughts for free, although privately we both know you’ll never report on them in the public interest.

I think hydrofracking is bad for the people’s health and well-being. I have pledged to not accept a penny in donations from anyone or anything. In fact, I have and will continue to spend my own dime denouncing these out-of-state parasitical profit sniffers until the day I am buried in the sweet benzene-free soil of Central NY.

Unlike John Katko (NY-24), it is impossible to bribe me for I have made it impossible for me to be bought.

However, the corporatized fourth estate will continue to write articles about how much this or that campaign won in bribes, calling them “donations”, or “money raised”, and always ready, willing and able to make a candidate viable via money numbers rather than integrity earned.

As citizen, novice reporter, and adversarial candidate, I’d offer John a page for rebuttal. But then he would actually have to engage with someone who thinks his policies are a danger to the people—and John doesn’t like to do that because he is a hypocrite who takes bribes.