My Cat and Me Make Ca-ca on Dow Jones. We Scratch Out His Industrial Average Eyeballs


Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 24″

I admit, because of availability in my area, (or lack thereof), I have NPR tuned in to hear the human voices on daily drive abouts. I am in the car often, taking my daughter to and from school, and often planning nightly meals on a whim. Unfortunately, groove music radio does not broadcast up to Oswego. Syracuse and Rochester stations can’t reach with the genres I would tune in to hear. Pretend Christian radio is prevalent up and down the dial, and plenty of teenybopper stations with I Heart Radio, pimping safe sex songs to make our daughters and sons avoid love and love’s trust like a pimple-pussing STD. The college station, for the most part, plays harsh, he-man woman-hater songs, with lyrics sounding like a rhyming, man-dominated domestic quarrel, with very little about “love, hope, sex, and dirty dreams”, the only standard for college radio if we are going to evolve successfully as human beings.

I take in National Public Radio like Russians probably took state radio back in 1975. I listen to the “no news” to filter what the government desires I hear or not hear. You can bet that if Taylor Swift gets pregnant, or has a birthday, state radio will cast a blurb in the news round up every hour. If our Congress readies to pass legislative destruction of our digital Fourth Amendment rights, then you can bet, that after the votes are cast “live from Culver City California”, the NPR newsroom will let the nationwide audience know all the details in under 3 minutes, and then never speak of it again.

Yesterday, Joshua Johnson, articulate host of 1A, got mad at the listening public for not researching the news properly. According to the well-paid national voice on the radio, people are getting their politics all wrong because of the scatter-brained ways that news is consumed. Love that word, consume. Such state-like verbiage.

Well, here is the problem Joshua, in one name, that proves your dereliction of reporting duty to the public:

Noam Chomsky.

In a recent book entitled, Who Rules the World?, researched in old-fashioned scholarly time, Chomsky relates anecdotes never covered by the state media, the one that cuts your paycheck. He researches the truth, unlike your guests from the speed reporting schools at the Washington Post, New York Times, and “live from Culver City” newsroom.

I learned about the rogue state of Israel, its cruelty and sadism to the Palestinian people. I learned of its weakness and bigotry, its nuclear weapons, its destabilizing of the Middle East, with the constant guardianship of the U.S. government.

I read about United States terrorism in Cuba, how President Kennedy and his wise Camelot nearly got my father and mother microwaved before I had the chance to be me. How terrorism on Cuba, conducted by the C.I.A., had an annual budget of 50 million buckaroos—all because the President and his killers where humiliated at the Bay of Pigs.

It’s a page turner of recorded foreign policy that one in a hundred thousand will ever get a hint of if “reporters” like you continue to sit atop the U.S. propaganda broadcast tower spouting surface news gossip for corporatists.

Joshua, please do two things this day, if you give a hoot about the future of the Republic and/or journalism. Type in “NPR and Chomsky” on Google, and see how many times your glorious provider has mentioned one of the only consistent foreign policy writers worth mentioning. And then watch the video provided here.

Personalities in the media are the number 2 problem contributing to our nasty political climate. Careerism can be very ugly anywhere, but in the castles of power, it’s so obviously arrogant and mean. The number 1 problem is a rogue government, no longer answerable to the people, but only because the people (via NPR sycophancy), never get to ask a real question to corner elites.

Here’s one for today: Is Saudi Arabia a brutal and war criminal regime? Ask it. I dare ya!

Double dare?


Well then, back to your Friday round-up for obfuscation!

P.S. Can you get Goebbels to lay of the hourly up or down of the Dow Jones? Nobody truly understands what the hell it means, and it sounds so 1950’s Soviet-ish. “The wheat harvest in sector 6 yielded 2,489,005 bushels this quarter…”