Fungool Congress! You’re More Fascist Than Our Mayonnaise Mussolini


Acrylic on press cleaning sheet, 9 x 17″

I announced my candidacy on Thanksgiving. I have posted very often, rich text and colorful paintings bearing hope and solutions to problems; I have called out the bad, witnessed the ugly, even had an art exhibition where I was censored by a librarian. It’s been nearly two months, and I have amassed 2 twitter followers. I’d like to think it was for lack of trying that the word about my candidacy has not gotten out. I could easily blame myself—I don’t even like me on the best days. But I think I’ll have to pull the paranoid card this time, because I smell something very rotten in NY-24. No effort of a couple hundred hours should produce such dismal results. Even a snake oil salesman could sell a quart of grease to his dearest friends.

I believe there are reasons for the blacklist blackout of my campaign. The official power reason, and the much broader sociological one.

The professional 4th Estate no longer exists as a buffer to power. For starters, power has never cared what no-power thinks. It used to pretend through our liaison, the newspaper or television reporter, but it no longer pretends. The bureaucracy is massive, molding once idealistic peoples into intrepid careerists and wage slaves. Now you and me are part of the new news that the old news is calling fake news. The old news is losing power, so all news must be fake that challenges that old power. That’s old news. Bullies have to get loud to remain in control. Opinions seem like they are everywhere because power news is not looking out for you—it’s leaving too many holes to be filled.

Enter the fools.

Just so we’re clear… The New York Times, Washington Post, even silly bear Breitbart are old news. They’re run by special interests to disseminate special interest thoughts and ideas among their public. Both discredit truth seekers not playing along.

Now these organizations just outright ignore the common people like me and you. We get to hash out their news in the “comment” section. Or on Twitter, Facebook, in our minds… Anywhere but where it should happen—from a trusted fourth estate.

It is not fake news that I am running for Congress as an Independent. It’s real news, my news. It has come out of my mouth, been written on paper, and typed into cyberspace a thousand times.

My local “public” radio station, WRVO, has not recognized my candidacy, although I have made it very clear. The Post Standard and The Auburn Citizen aren’t playing fair either. The latter two are private companies, so I already know their game, and forgive them their weakness. However, WRVO, through NPR, is federally subsidized in part. It is publicly funded, and I bet its non-profit status allows it to obtain rights from the FCC that others are not granted, including cheaper costs for broadcast power.

So, I suspect WRVO is in violation of its non-profit status and public charter if it willingly ignores a legitimate candidate for Congress.

That’s arrogant power ignoring me.

The other reason for my blackout involves a sociological hypothesis, to be worked out at a later date.

Last year at a friend’s party, I met a deceased artist’s daughter who moved out west a long time ago. She was nostalgic with her better known friends about an Oswego that had seen better days. Back when she was a young girl, and local people were friends and neighbors, and fear was far, far away.  She mentioned some peculiarity about our town that immediately struck me as wise deduction.

She said that nobody in Oswego wants to see anyone climb too high out of Oswego. There is a powerful pull of inertia here, a mind control, governed by class, the same class of 98% of the population. My class. Your class. The working class. The “you’re stuck here” class. You can climb a little, and want new things, but don’t overdo it. Oswego won’t support you if you try.

Unless, of course, you succeed at hockey or figure skating. Then it will permanently road sign your accomplishment to all and sundry.

She said in the town where she currently resides, things just aren’t like that. People of all walks of life express a community enthusiasm to bolster the ambitious. Imagine that. Somebody’s friend running for Congress actually being a good thing. Something to be proud of. Hurray.

Anyway, here are a couple articles to read about your government goons that nobody seems interested in admonishing on any substantive level. “He said-she said” a-plenty. But very little substance to relate. Read them, and then go gossip about those crazy Russian saboteurs and porn star love affairs.

One from “public” NPR, and the other from private The Hill.