Aloha to a Positive Trend


Thank you Congresswoman Gabbard for Representing a Place I Dream to See 2018. Acrylic on card

Ah, to be represented by fellow human beings who are wary of nuclear weapons, whether en route from battle scarred North Korea or loosely strapped onto a flatbed cruising the slippery hill roads outside Knoxville, Tennessee.

Yesterday I watched Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard tell the sold over propagandist George Stephanopoulos that nuclear detonations are bad, and that the U.S. should not deal in regime change because it entices more weak governments to become more like the nuclear weapon hoarding United States generals and their pocket industry.

Of course, in a just world, the latter are bad (and jailed) human beings without the support of a very corrupt political class.

Anyway, I liked what she said, and wanted to thank her on a peaceful Martin Luther King Day. So I painted a small picture of a parent protecting its child from the venomous nuclear cloud crab, prevalent on the shores of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. These very dangerous varmints are often mistaken for the real thing, setting off warning sirens and waves of fear over hill and dale.


I’ll put it in the mailbox this morning.

This is a good habit. Reward positive political behavior with a non-trolling gift from snail mail. I’ll do this to do right, to make right, and right the world. Congresswoman Gabbard knows what pain and suffering is, and would like to take the next logical step to lesson it. My Congressman doesn’t seem to care about annihilation. Nuclear weapons are normalized for representatives sitting in rogue assembly. The future for a scoundrel is retirement and then death. For him there is no afterlife called children and grandchildren.

Tulsi Gabbard knows that we are born again in our offspring.

Thank you Congresswoman!