A Painting Exhibition


Carry on Regardless 2017. Acrylic on hardboard, 14 x 11″

This Thursday night I will re-introduce myself to the community for free at our local public library. As a painter I do this often, with the usual nonprofitable results. Many in art fantasy land think that painters should not expect to get paid. That we do art for art’s sake, as if the American money makers contracted several million fidget spinners with China sweatshops for “fidget spinner’s sake”, and never expected a return on their very stupid investment.

One thing for certain, and forever… Living artists will never create a just economy beyond their own front doors.

So, like failed or unfulfilled lawyers, many seek the easy money, and apply for a political position. The process usually involves subservience to a bloated and disingenuous political party. A good enough man or woman is placed on the scene like a good enough spinning toy from China gets its spot on Kinney Drug shelves across the district.

The number one adage to political marketing is this: People will choose whatever they are told to.

I am running for Congress as an Independent on a no budget, and also offering a free painting exhibition because I care more about the issues affecting humanity than the rapscallions on fading green earth who would accept money from any entity with an agenda that does not wholly consist of the candidate’s own private hopes and dreams for the ones s(he) loves the most.

Phew! And I am running because my lust for run-on sentences labels me a failure on the writing front as well.

When, oh immortal, unwashed bard, does the persistence of folly end and the wisdom begin to show from the practitioner’s eyes?

Like the brown anoles in the painting above… Just carry on regardless, I say. Just carry on regardless!