International and Domestic Spies are Not Our Buddies


For New Years Eve, 2015, The F.B.I. Bought a Machete for a Panhandler and Then Pushed Him into Prison for 20 Years 2017. Acrylic on press cleaning sheet, 9 x 15″

It’s reading time now for our constituency. We’ll call it social justice hour. I’ll bring over some books and we’ll read aloud with tea and cookies. It won’t take but a quarter hour to discover that there is no justice from our justice leagues. Believe whatever you want, but you are on the wrong side of truth if you religiously follow these bureaucratic machinations of woe. Belief for sake of argument is no belief.  Faith in a prophet can be innocent or dangerous depending on how you are yarded. Faith in shrapnel and bullets is just stupid, mean, and afraid.

I’ll let these images and their titles point the winter researchers toward a direction of critical study. It can lead to mistrust, and expressive demands for justice. Likely you will feel atomized and sometimes even scared. That is the only point of power—above all, maintain power. It takes time for an unarmed, unorganized pocket of critical thinkers to discredit and disband the secret police of a rogue state. But eventually power’s audacious arrogance with big fists will clumsily crack its own facade. Even East Germany couldn’t love it’s Stasi forever. And they were having all that fun getting bullied and spied on!

I understand that a snowball fight can use good intelligence. Of course I would want to know if Freddy sent some of his buddies around the garage to sneak up on us from behind. I just don’t want to kill his entire family and monitor the behavior of his future children because my snowball budget can buy a trained secret force of abominable snowman to tear off Freddy’s limbs.

So, I am not against knowing who the enemy is, especially if the enemy is real. My high school daughter is not an enemy. Nor did I ever feel threatened by Fidel Castro’s beard or the kind families of Nicaragua and Honduras. I never trusted those Bin Ladens, especially so after the F.B.I. got them all out of the country before 9/11 turned into 9/12, and I know the C.I.A.—all of it— sleeps in big feather and machine gun beds with the real terrorists of Saudi Arabia and Israel. The N.S.A knows I know this because they’re rank and disgusting perverts snapping digital ankle bracelets on me and my beloved family and friends.

In the novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, the protagonist John Yossarian declares, “The enemy is anyone who will get you killed”, and I believe this true on many levels. I’d like to add, “The enemy is anyone who will get you killed, or need your simple life to protect its awesome power.”

The modus operandi of cowards and bullies for time out of mind.


In 1976 I talked Football With Mrs. Gotchall, and C.I.A. Trained Luis Posada Orchestrated the Bombing of Cubana Flight 455 2017. Acrylic on press cleaning sheet, 9 x 17″


In 2002, the F.B.I. Was Threatening My Local Librarian With National Security Letters. I Was Reading Lots of Chomsky 2017. Acrylic on press cleaning sheet, 9 x 17″


In 1984 Our C.I.A. Was Training Latin Assassins and I Had “Snowmobile on the Brain” 2017. Acrylic on press-cleaning sheets, 8 x 15″


“The NSA Employee” 2017. Acrylic on paper, 8 x 15″