Maybe I’ll Primary With the Dying Party


The Oligarch Retires After Depositing Another Species 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 11 x 14″

In mid-November I mailed to the Oswego County Board of Elections my change in party affiliation. I was a registered Republican, and not for reasons the reader may assume. I was a Radical Republican, the one with a moral conscience, like Thaddeus Stevens or Frederick Douglass, and I’ll get to that in a moment. This time around I checked off “Independent” on the printable form to save myself the embarrassment of seeing naked these bozos exposing their private disdain for earth and all of its vulnerable creatures. A week later a letter arrived from the county office informing me that New York was not ready to switch my political preference. At least as it pertained to voting. Not until after the November 2018 election. Actually, 358 days later than my signed notice of intention.

Bingo! Disenfranchised again by the political parties of New York State. Happened early last year too, during the Democratic primaries when I was unable to register as a Democrat to choose Bernie Sanders for Presidential representation. New York Republicans and Democrats don’t like renegade constituents to have a movable opinion on morality. They write into law the impossibility to pick person over party. Works for them. New York is a very crooked state, politically.

As if party politics can ever be moral while holding thermonuclear weapons on a loose leash like rednecks their rottweilers.

So I had to deal with political fringe loneliness for the last ten years while disenfranchised as a Radical Republican, mainly because Americans are not retaliating against a system that splits 300 million people into one of two oligarchical groups, each making very poor life and death legislation to the citizenry. The good-evil vs. the evil-good argument and finger-pointing, ad nauseum. If one is right, the other must be wrong. If both were right, there would be a one-party system, just like old totalitarian Russia and new totalitarian China, and we’ll have none of that here! Yet the poor get poorer and the rich get richer, just like old Russia and new China. After 240 years in the “land of the free”, no gray areas are tolerated in federal politics, just like old Russia and new China. Hence last year’s national yellow journalism undermining the campaigns of Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders.

And this year, Ron Throop.

In 2007 I turned on PBS to watch the Republican primary debates out of boredom and despair mainly. I was a registered Independent then, and a Democrat before Bill Clinton began bombing Iraq to take away attention from his sexual predatorialship. At that time I was thoroughly disillusioned with politics, as Americans are fashioned to be. No hope begets despair. Slow progress begets apathy. The super-majority become apolitical until “pick-a-dink” time, brought to you by a super-economy, and television actors getting naked together in a room full of professional men and women, to perform pretend sex for complete strangers.

Anyway, back to the Republican TV debate…

There were the usual suspects on stage, tripping over their lips babbling rabid jingoism and reactionary politics for the propagandists to lure together more stupid voters into a mob mentality, which is the sole media goal during an American general election.

Then this old man Ron Paul, who I never heard of before, from out of the political blue, said that war is hell, and empires steal from their citizens. The U.S. must get out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East immediately and become trading friends with these nations. He even mentioned the 600 or so U.S. bases around the world that need to be dismantled, thereby freeing up several trillion dollars to reform the safety net at home. Eventually, over a long period of time, there would be a resurgence of self-sufficiency to the economy, which, (and here is where I tremendously disagree), will make us all individually responsible again, like in the 1820’s with the constant fear of cholera stalking us.

I practically fell out of my chair leaning in as close as I could get to this political joy to behold. I could forgive him the irrational long-term philosophy for the enormous jolt of immediate hope he provided that night.

A presidential candidate, a modern Republican in fact, calling on national television to dismantle the MIC, the military industrial complex. Where were the naked actors pretend-humping on the screen? Where were the military flyovers and band of brothers wearing camouflage at the NFL stadium? My god did Ron Paul just say “pharmaceutical industrial complex?” “Education mafia?” “Jingoism?”

Immediately my apathy got an adrenaline bolt shot through its heart. I was online the next morning following Paul’s every political word.

Content! Content! Content! Finally. And boy was it catching on!

And then the powers that be cracked him like a dry stick.

I don’t know who the power is, however, I do understand and despise the power that divides us over transgender issues while both parties accept and promote nuclear weapons. Supporting or not supporting the former throws you into a divisive hate camp immediately, while the latter, which will annihilate all hate camps eventually, along with their pets and babies, is accepted without question, like the air we breathe and the water we drink.

That is the insane dystopia I live in, and our political parties advocate.

Thaddeus Stevens was a Radical Republican. Slavery was evil and it had to go.

Ron Paul was a Radical Republican who declared that the empire is evil and it must go.

I guess Ron Throop will be a Radical Republican, agreeing in part with Ron Paul, but more determined than a Thaddeus Stevens. And more creative than myself. Unlike Ron Paul, I wish to take all that unnecessary military money and distribute it to programs that fill our people with hope, pride and dignity. Paul shuns the social programs. Bernie Sanders loves them like me, but he claims the only way to pay for elder care and education is by raising taxation for the rich. This is a lie designed by power to toss Americans into their social tribe. Bernie is afraid to go after the military industrial boobs of irrationality because they have him, and the Democratic and Republican parties “by the sneaks”.

I am not paid for. Locally, if I can help it, the Republican Party is going to be reshaped by me. I will make it Lincoln-proud once again. John Katko (NY-24) is a jingo. I am not. A definite choice in the primaries and a gateway for paths leading to the survival of a dying, near dead party. What is it that makes you proud to be a Republican? I hope it’s not country music. That’s sissy stuff after 1975. Here is my political philosophy simplified so that I can understand, and hope you can too… It is up for you to choose, Mr. and Mrs. Republican. Presently, nothing gets picked but party embarrassments.

• The U.S.A federal government is awash with corruption.

• This corruption is created by monies in the till which is distributed by demand of the most well-dressed lobbies. You are not invited to lobby this system. You do not matter, even if you look real good in a suit.

• At present there is enough money in the treasury year after year to supply Medicare and Medicaid for all. However, it is ill spent. For instance, this morning on NPR, the powers that be told us that the Pentagon has spent millions of our dollars searching for UFO’s. Holy holy, who are these imbeciles running the war department?
The money must be directed out of the bloated military, FBI, CIA, NSA, and distributed humanely back to the taxpayer.

• All this talk about taxation reform is a theft of the treasury by the rich. There is only one tax necessary to raise enough money for robust social programs, and that is a flat tax. Every single person, business, and corporation pays the same percentage of income, whether that be one or a billion dollars. No cheating. Cheaters are not allowed to play capitalist or citizen ever again. They are shunned from the tribe.

• Elected government (including appointed judges), and all administrative positions within elected branches are paid salaries $1 more than the previous year’s adjusted poverty wage. It should be an honor to work for one’s country. If the country cannot provide for all of its citizens, then the administrators have failed. They suck, plain and simple. Of course, a better salary can be paid to specialists in all government fields outside of elected office. Much more. That’s why we go to college and trade schools. To learn things and get paid to help support the lives we lead.

So, let’s get me on the ballot in 2018, and knock Katko out of the general. I’ll be so respectful and polite to my Independent and Democratic opponents in the local race that you and yours might rediscover a buried sense of pride in your political institutions. You see, I do not care if I win, but I will give it my best go. The Republican Party won’t reform the system. Nor the Democrats. I will try, but so would many other good people.

I just don’t think John Katko (as legislator) is one of them.

Tomorrow or the next day I will write about how I am not qualified to represent an anthill, let alone a congressional district of human beings.