The $17,000 Lounge Chair That Really Cost $17,000


2017. Acrylic on paper, 12 x 16″

I am tired of politics as usual. So tired. Most of us are helping to push national politics to a James Bond ideal of pure evil and pure good (with both sides possessing equal, and real nifty machinations of death and destruction to show off with, and yet not seeing the irony). For all the to-do about great wealth flexing its muscle, the woeful city dwellers and grimy peasantry (you and me) are just the “innocent” bystanders and collateral damage in the battle between power-broker good and evil. None of you are invited to their toothy smile situation rooms, though enormous media and corporate effort is made to make you think you are welcome, that you play some part in their decision-making.

You do not.

We are many leagues down from D.C. proper. So far down and likely burnt up on earth’s iron core when matched against real wealth and power that controls life in the galaxy. Yet so many of us have infantile trust that the celebrity politician, actor, or even multi-billionaire is just a reasonable argument away from “doing the right thing”.

Enter Larry and Barbara Miller, low-level millionaires and ludicrous lounge chair buyers of the great western world. Barbara is an old childhood friend who married a rich man on his way to getting richer. Last summer while our CIA was involved in a coup attempt on the Turkish government, and the NSA was reading your ninth-grader’s texts to her friends at school, Larry and Barbara purchased two lounge chairs for the back patio of one of their Florida homes, for the price of $34,000.00. To imagine that this couple acts on the same moral plane as the mass majority of humanity, is an idiot’s dream. To lecture to the Millers on subjects like the societal advancement realized by universal healthcare, would be like having a discussion about nuclear disarmament with a goat.

Larry and Barbara are small-town millionaires. They have influence to a degree. Sure, with some effort, they could buy the election of a state senator or assemblyman. Just pick a side in the James Bond saga, and fund it. The “good” or the “evil”. The Zuckerburg shill or the Koch shill, depending on which aisle they send out patio party invitations to.

The Millers are low-level power-brokers. D.C. politicians probably exist one-up from their influence, while Zuckerburg and the incestuous Koch brothers appear as circling vultures a few hundred feet above the Capitol building. Above them, Bill Gates, and then there play in my imagination people orbiting earth with moon-like power over the tides of real change.

We do not know of them. They shall remain unnamed.

I make the following political statement because I am running for Congress and I should have one, I guess:

The present day republican and democratic parties are warped, unrecognizable mutations of another centuries’ good intentions.

This is all the great power allows us to see, so Americans split into their choice group, which is twisted beyond all recognition of what their true minds desire. A group cognitive dissonance on mass scale. And our mothers and fathers still age with struggle while the Pentagon spends 13 billion dollars on another boat.

I fear that the superpowers function thus only because too many people think that stupid wealth, like that of the Millers and the C.I.A. is a-ok, nothing happening here, just keep movin’ right along…

To neglect and deny our children’s future will continue as long as we allow high level flaunting of stupid wealth. Stupid wealth is the United States treasury. It does not direct our tax dollars on social security to insure dignity to its living family, neighbors, and citizenry. It purchases big lounge chair battleships for the great big party after the parade.

As your representative in Congress, I promise strong efforts made, even if just verbal, to redirect the tides of change toward dignity for all, even the tasteless millionaires who, at present, are the power in charge that so many of you pipe-dreamingly believe will deliver needful change.

No lobbyists ever! Only individual constituents to tell me what they think is what.