Congress People Must Be Alien Speed Readers With Computer Memories


A typical bill brought to House committee in 1824. This one written to streamline certain punishments against the United States, mainly for crimes at sea. Life and death stuff—total of 10 pages like this one.

I venture to guess that these congress people in 1824 wrote out their own bills. The one above had ten pages before 14 pages of amendments, 12 of which got very detailed and specific on the crime and punishment for forgery. All that life and death stuff at sea was an easy write, however, once the little greedies of yesteryear got thinking about money, ho boy did legislation get more complicated! Easy to see that priorities of the lower class (lawyers) hasn’t changed much over the centuries. You can read the whole bill (with amendments), and also take notes, in about an hour and ten minutes.

Flash to the little beauty the House made public back in early November. Let’s pretend that John Katko (NY-24) actually read the bill with amendments in its entirety. Did he retain it all? Should we allow him the freedom to summarize such a tax dodging tome in a few meaningless News Channel 9 or WRVO soundbites? Can we test him like we test our children on Hamlet in 11th Grade English?

I can tell you all about the 1824 bill. I read it. I took notes on it. If in committee today I would have drafted a few amendments. The punishment of death for burning a federal rope bridge was and is a bit severe. I’d rewrite it to 5 years hard labor and a $1000 fine. Also the amendments for alchemy punishment would be counterproductive for innovation in science, don’t you think? Who wouldn’t want to make a pile of gold coins from lead, then or now?

That’s right. Just those people who control the money supply. They’re the ones who amend the bills of 1824 and 2017. The latter take the simplest laws like punishing murderers, rapers, and plunderers at sea, and amend them with money talk out the yin-yang.

I promise not to vote on any bill that I cannot read in its entirety. Nor will I touch any paper revised by a lobbyist.

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