Going Ahead Without Hesitation or X-box Prostitutes Bork-Jamming Seven Year Old Boys and Santa


2013. Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40″

[From a few years ago: A thought about constitutional amendments and lack thereof, and an example of how we live in a pretend republic]

I guess maybe one more decade before the Pentagon meets its new quota of cannon fodder. The Iraq and Afghanistan invasions set them back a cool million or two future bodies, but the popular lust for these games should do the trick and erase all neuron connection between right and wrong.

From one critical review of Grand Theft Auto: Playing as hardened criminals, players kill not only fellow gangsters but also police officers and innocent civilians using both weapons and vehicles while conducting premeditated crimes, including a particularly disturbing scene involving torture.

Daddy and Mommy just want their little boy to be happy. Especially if it keeps pre-pubescent Tommy from ever becoming a sensitive, caring, and aware human being.

How brave and complete the men and women schilling graphically impressive filth on our children! Likewise, my feelings for the distinguished thugs on the Supreme Court are too warm for words. Corrupt lawyers hired for life appointments by corrupt politicians maneuvering all flora and fauna toward the goals of the mega-rich. What a fantastic system those white-wigged slavers constructed for American politics of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries! Men who owned men writing up a constitution that could amend itself when the future expanded beyond the six-day trip to Boston technology of the corduroy road.

Made it all the way to the Civil War and Gatling guns with only two amendments. Four score and nine years of westwardly slaughtering another race of human beings .

Then three more to “free and franchise” another race of men who were property a decade before. This also took the convincing of 600,000 poor Caucasian men rotting in mass shallow graves.

Then another fifty few years and three amendments, along with the invention of the airplane, telephone, phonograph and motion pictures, before the lucky ladies of Manland were allowed to vote, for a corrupt man of their choice of course.

Then about seven more amendments dealing mostly with the proper, gentle handling of the corrupt politicians, before passing the second to the last, giving the right to vote to 18-year old kids who were getting their legs blown off in Vietnam to protect the bad ideas and big bank accounts of the corrupt politicians.

Finally the last amendment, ratified 202 years late, which prohibits any law that increases or decreases the salary of members of the Congress from taking effect until the start of the next set of terms of office for Representatives. That’s an important one, eh? 421 homicides in Chicago last year. The NSA peeping in on your daughter’s teenage dreams. TSA gropers fondling grandmothers. Senators getting paid over ten times the poverty wage. Mountain tops eliminated for fat ugly white men in West Virginia. Video games depicting criminals as drug addict, torturing heroes.

27 Amendments. From pooping in a bowl by the fire, to the modern miracle of the Internet, the United States has continued to be the glorious constitutional republic envisioned by the Founding Fathers: corrupt, classist, and criminally insane all to the advantage of the wiggy white rich guys. Both Barack Obama and Rand Paul are wiggy white rich guys. And I don’t care what Jimmy TV or Donna Ding Dong says. I follow the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. He wouldn’t let his little boy play with your filth toys made by the rich for the poor to get more stupid. Unfortunately today I think he would have to march to Mars and back to move a populace in the direction of the 28th amendment. That is, to incarcerate the entire federal government with every other Grand Theft Auto punk who gets caught.

27 amendments. What a phony constitution!